Paul Horn announces for re-election as mayor

(article published by Alvin-Sun Advertiser)


I am again seeking the position of Alvin City Mayor.  I will continue to provide the professional leadership necessary to keep Alvin moving in a positive direction.  Since I am retired, I will be able to commit the time and effort necessary to communicate with the public, support our Council, and represent the City to our County and State officials.


I have been the Mayor of Alvin for the past three years.  Prior to that I was City Manager so I know the needs and operations of the City.  Before serving as your City Manager, I worked in industry as a professional engineer managing the development, permitting, engineering and construction of multi-million dollar projects.  I have worked well with Council and together we have accomplished many great things for the City. One can just look around and see the new water tower, refurbished asphalt and concrete streets, and improvements to our water and sewer systems.  Our parks and park programs are top-notch and have be recognized at the national level.


The new regional flood water detention project located at Kost and South is nearing completion.  The finishing grade and concrete structures will be constructed shortly.  The decorative fencing, landscaping and sidewalk amenities will follow immediately. While this project has been an inconvenience to our citizens during construction, it will help relieve long time flooding issues along Johnson and South.


We look forward to replacing our very old Fire Station #1 with a new facility.  The facility will include offices, meeting rooms, kitchen, and sleeping quarters for our volunteer fire fighters.  We are very proud of our volunteers for the work they do to keep us safe.


Alvin is growing and it is important that we guide that growth to benefit our citizens.  New commercial and retail businesses need to be ones that improve our City.  The recent new development around Hwy 6 and 35 Bypass is a good example of quality growth.  Another similar development will soon be underway along the Bypass near Steele Road. We have several subdivisions with quality new housing being built. A new subdivision on Hwy 6 will begin construction in the next several months.


I am particularly proud of bringing our County and State officials together to initiate major improvements in our 35 Bypass.  The plan, including overpasses, is expected to be finalized within the next two months. I believe my actions have accelerated this work by ten years.  My hope is to “turn dirt” on this new project before the end of my new three year term.


The City is very cost conscience.  Only work necessary is done and it is done as efficiently as possible.  The City has reduced its tax rate in each of the past two years to keep our taxes at a reasonable level.  Our growing tax base will allow us to reduce our tax rate over the next several years while keeping services up.


The overall success of City government is accomplished by the quality and dedication of our City employees. We have created such a staff under the leadership of our City Manager, Sereniah Breland.  When you see your City employees out and about doing their job, please take a moment and thank them for the work they do.